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Common Divorce Steps in Wisconsin

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Divorce Steps

A divorce is often a troublesome and exhausting time and it involves many factors; your children, property, and finances. When things are not amicable you need an attorney to help you come to a settlement that is best for all. Most divorces involve the following:

  • 1. Decide How You Will File
  • 2. Decide If You Need a Temporary Hearing
  • 3. File the Action
  • 4. Deliver (or serve) copies of filed documents
  • 5. Obtain a Temporary Order (if needed)
  • 6. If there are minor children, complete any required parenting programs and file any required Parenting Plans
  • 7. Obtain a date and time for the hearing
  • 8. Complete your Marital Settlement Agreement
  • 9. Attend your final hearing
  • 10.Complete any other documents required after the final hearing

John can assist you in any or all of these steps to help you get the best outcome desired.

Other things to consider

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Property Division

property, other than property that a party receives as a gift or through inheritance, will bedivided equally (after considering all debts).


Debts and Obligations

must disclose all debts, regardless of who they believe will be responsible for them.