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If you are accused of a drug crime, the most important decision for you to make is in hiring the right lawyer to vigorously defend you.

In any drug offense the intent of your action and the amount of the substance plays an important part in the severity of the charge. While a 1st conviction for Possession of THC (Marijuana) can be a misdemeanor charge, the 2nd and subsequent charges are automatically a felony. Drug charges can be complicated. That is why it is important to hire an experienced attorney to defend you. We investigate a stop and/or arrest thoroughly by reviewing all police records and reports.

We will investigate procedures followed by the arresting agency. A drug offense can result in lengthy sentences and /or probation, along with substantial fines. Do not let yourself get a maximum sentence by going to court unrepresented.

Contact the Law Office of John A. Best for an assessment of your case and get experienced advice you can trust.