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John A. Best appointed Court Commissioner 2010

A court commissioner is appointed by a Judge. Court Commissioners assist in finding facts, hearing testimony from witnesses and resolving issues. Court commissioners can also perform wedding ceremonies.



  • Court hearings
  • Family court educational services
  • Mediation services
  • Public assistance in family law matters
  • The Family Court Commissioner can conduct wedding ceremonies
    • Call or Contact the office to schedule your wedding!



Obtaining A Marriage License


Fond du Lac


Ozaukee County

Milwaukee County Info»

Washington County Courthouse
County Clerk's Office, Room 2027
432 E. Washington Street
West Bend, WI 53095
(262) 335-4735 or (262) 335-4301
HOURS: 8:15 a.m. - 3:45 p.m. Monday - Friday
Appointments are not required.

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Residency is considered to be the place where one has resided for at least 30 days prior to the date of application. Wisconsin residents' applications must be made in the county of residence of either the bride or groom. If both parties are residents of another state, application must be made in the county where the ceremony is to be performed.

Any person who has attained the age of 18 years may marry if otherwise competent. If a person is 16 or 17 years of age, a license may be issued with the notarized written consent of the person's parents, guardian or custodian. Consent forms are available in the County Clerk's Office.

Failure to meet the following requirements will delay the issuance of your license.

  • If your marriage is going to take place three (3) months or more from today, please call the County Clerk's office or return to this website 30 days before your wedding to verify that the laws have not changed.
  • All applicants, regardless of age, must present a STATE certified birth certificate when applying for a marriage license in Washington County. If you were born in Wisconsin, you may obtain a State certified birth certificate from the Register of Deeds in the county in which you were born, or the State of Wisconsin - Vital Records. For individuals born in Washington County, please contact the Register of Deeds at (262) 335-4318.
  • Proof of identity for both the bride and groom.  This is a valid (not expired) driver's license or state ID, showing a photo for identification, and reflecting your current address. 
  • Either the bride or groom must provide proof of 30 day residency in Washington County.  If a current address is not shown on the driver's license, a utility bill or government notification addressed to that person must be presented.  
  • A signed copy of a judgment of divorce, state annulment paper, or death certificate from the last marriage must be presented for those who have been married previously. To obtain a divorce, annulment, or death certificate contact the State of Wisconsin's Vital Records.
  • Date of ceremony.
  • Name of township, village or city and county where the ceremony will take place.
  • Name, title, home mailing address, and home telephone number of person performing the ceremony.  If the officiant is not a Wisconsin resident, they must obtain a Letter of Sponsorship.  Please contact the County Clerk for more information.
  • Both applicants must provide Social Security numbers.
  • Both applicants must apply in person at the same time.
  • Premarital medical exams and blood tests are not required.
  • Birth Certificates, Divorce Judgments, and Death Certificates that are not in English will require a notarized translation of the document(s) to English.

There is a statutory five-day waiting period, exclusive of the day of application, required from the time of application until the license is issued.  For example, if an application is completed on the 10th of a month, the license will be issued and can be used on the 15th of the month.  Counting the day after the issuance date, the marriage license is valid for exactly 30 days and must be used in that period of time.  Since the license is valid for 30 days after issuance, application can be made up to 35 days ahead of the ceremony, but no further in advance.  Licenses cannot leave the Clerk's office until the license becomes effective.  Couples should take into account that the office is not open Saturdays, Sundays or legal holidays.  If a couple is planning to be married on a Saturday, application would have to be made at least by the Friday preceding the week of the marriage to be able to pick up the license during office hours.  BEST "RULE OF THUMB" (considering weekends, etc.): Apply no less than 7 days before and no more than 35 days before the ceremony.  In some instances, a waiver may be granted in advance, due to unusual circumstances.  Waivers will not be granted to anyone under the age of 18. 

Persons divorced must wait six months from the date of judgment before marrying. This applies to residents and non-residents. Marriages of Wisconsin residents outside the state and contrary to Wisconsin laws are null and void in Wisconsin. Marriage in Wisconsin by a person residing in another state is prohibited if such marriage would be void in the home state or jurisdiction of the person.

The license is valid for 30 days after the date of issuance. The marriage must be performed within this period.

Any judge, ordained minister, priest, or court commissioner may perform the ceremony.

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