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Criminal Defense Law

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As criminal defense attorneys in Wisconsin we realize being charged with a crime can be confusing, stressful and even embarrassing. Criminal convictions can lead to loss of employment, marital/family stress and possible jail or prison time.

The West Bend Attorneys at the Law Office of John A. Best will provide you with the best possible representation. Being a small firm we can provide personal service to our clients in a relaxed atmosphere. We will give you honest answers to your questions and our experience will offer you the best possible outcome.

Criminal Defense Law

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We sort through all the police reports and information provided by the investigating agency to determine whether you have a defense to the charges.  With our knowledge and experience we are able to negotiate with the District Attorney to get positive results for you if you choose not to take your case to trial. We are able to appear on your behalf at most hearings without the need for you to be present. Therefore, you will not miss work and risk losing wages or even face termination. Although misdemeanor offenses have less severe consequences than felonies, we treat all cases seriously. The Law Office of John A. Best will give you the best advice as it relates to your specific case.

Contact the Law Office of John A. Best for a consultation. We will assess the complexity of your case and review the cost of our services.

Plea Bargain

Many criminal cases never reach the trial stage. The defendant and the state's attorney can enter into a settlement agreement known as a plea bargain.


While any criminal conviction is serious, a felony on your record can do the most damage to your life and can also affect your family. All felonies can potentially result in a prison sentence. Felony convictions also result in a lifetime firearm ban and the loss of certain other civil rights.  The Law Office of John A. Best will sort through the evidence, do our own investigation if necessary, and ensure that your rights are protected.

We look for any possible way to get your case dismissed or reduced to a misdemeanor.  If we cannot negotiate a fair resolution with the District Attorney we will advise you on the benefits or risks of taking your case to trial. We will give you the best advice as it relates to your specific case and if you choose to go to trial we will vigorously defend you. Your West Bend Attorney will be with you every step of the way, ensuring that your rights are protected through the entire legal process.

Contact the Law Office of John A. Best for a consultation and we will help you decide what direction you may want to go regarding your specific problem.

Jury Trial

If a case does go on to a jury trial,a coherent, persuasive explanation regarding why the defendant has been falsely accused is the goal.